“ Despair is relative. A dog dying, to a child who has experienced little, is as depressing as the death of a spouse to a man or woman who has experienced much. ”

—    Jeremiah van Guilder (via philosophy-quotes)


 ”In the Orphic hymn, the Graces are attendants of Aphrodite and Hera.. the Graces are Goddesses of grace, beauty, festivity, dance, and song. They are the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome, but some accounts give Apollon or Dionysos as the father with different mothers.  The Graces are three:  Hesiod gives their names as Euphrosyne (Mirth), Aglaia (Splendor), and Thalia (Good Cheer).”


“ … as Plato has admirably expressed it, we are not born for ourselves alone, but our country claims a share of our being, and our friends a share; and since, as the Stoics hold, everything that the earth produces is created for man’s use; and as men, too, are born for the sake of men, that they may be able mutually to help one another; in this direction we ought to follow Nature as our guide, to contribute to the general good by an interchange of acts of kindness, by giving and receiving, and thus by our skill, our industry, and our talents to cement human society more closely together… ”

—    Cic. Off. 1.22 (via in-a-thin-voice)

“ I always admire people who marvel at things that anyone could have noticed before but didn’t. ”

—    Brian Eno (via aeonum)