For fuck’s sake, we could bring more attention to the incredible civilizations of Mali and Ghana, or bring less-known Black composers, especially because both of these things are ignored because of racism…oh wait, nah, let’s have yet another goddamn tantrum about how Beethoven and Cleopatra were totally 100% Black by modern USA standards, and Egyptian Arabs weren’t invented until the middle ages. 

☑ Justice Socialed

seriously though. the entire african continent has been a foundation of human civilization just about since human brains became an evolutionary focal point. there is so much to talk about that doesn’t involve gross ethnocentric simplification or just outright wrongness about entire civilizations and histories. here’s some starting points:

-the kingdom of punt (ancient somalia, one of egypt’s trading partners; more on the extensive history of advanced kingdoms and civilizations of somalia)
-the ghana empire, most likely responsible for the domestication of the camel and thus the shaping of hundreds of civilizations
-the empire of mali, an incredibly wealthy and advanced civilization (read up on musa i too)
-the djolof empire 
-the songhai empire, where people came from as far away as italy to trade and do business
-the sayfawa dynasty, one of the longest lived in human history, of nigeria.
-the nok culture, considered to be one of the most refined ancient cultures ever discovered, as evidenced by their art and production of terracotta. the nok also appear to have discovered iron smelting completely independently of any outside influence, or of an intermediate bronze period, which is incredible. 
-the ethiopian empire, which should frankly need no introduction to people interested in ancient african civilization. 

just… go from there. don’t just take for granted what tumblr tells you. read the rest of africa’s history. there are and have always been peoples on that continent that could run circles around the egyptians in terms of wealth, advancement, technology, and military might. ancient egypt was ancient egypt; ancient egyptians do not fit into current day western-centric racial categories, no matter what they may or may not have looked like. pretty much the entire rest of the world, including people currently living on the african continent, do not fit and do not want to fit those categories. africa is not and has never been some empty expanse of nothing but jungle and poverty. you do not need ancient egypt’s flash in the pan existence to make that true.